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Additions & Alterations

Your home can change with you to suit the different seasons in your life. Maybe you love the location of your home but you need to add an extra room or change the layout, or perhaps you are just wanting to modernise your house. Lifebuilt Construction can help.

You can choose to live in or move out while we’re working. We believe in keeping a tidy, clean and safe site. We have our own small truck which enables us to remove rubbish and deliver small quantities of materials as we need them to keep the site uncluttered. We work alongside good quality and reliable sub-traders and suppliers who share our values and enthusiasm for quality.

Our builders are a trustworthy group of experienced men. They share a clean and positive attitude and our clients consistently find them approachable, polite and courteous. You won’t have any problems with loud music or bad language around the work site.

We can make your alteration or addition an affordable exercise, while keeping workmanship to our usual high quality standard. All our additions and alterations over $30,000 come with a 10 Year HALO Guarantee.

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